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This is surely a strategy that gamblers will love. Blaze Economy is the only Dapp on the planet that gives you legitimate opportunities to play during the day with NO house edge. How is that even possible? Keep reading!

The edge in Machine is between 1% and 3% based on what rate you sell at. That means that when the Exchange Rate is 1.01, there is actually 0 edge on all Machine rolls. The no edge strategy is really simple. Play Machine when the rate jumps above 1.01 and you are effectively playing with no edge! That means that for a string of rolls, you can expect to break even in the long run at 1.01. That means that each BLAZE you mine on those rolls is FREE.

When the rate is above 1.01, you actually have a positive edge, which is unheard of in any traditional casino. This is what makes Blaze so special. If you are an active, attentive player, you can profit in Machine even before considering dividends or the value of the BLAZE token that you are mining. Make sure to join the Rate Alert Bot in telegram so you are notified in real-time when the rate jumps

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