Blaze Economy Wiki

This is a strategy for those who want to accumulate BLAZE token as efficiently as possible. There are a few different ways to earn BLAZE token, but the following 2 are the best:

1) Kings - The Kings game is the only game that generates a passive BLAZE revenue stream. For each throne that you hold, you earn BLAZE per second (BPS) with no limit. As long as you are one of the 5 Kings, you earn BLAZE forever until someone de-thrones you. It's as simple as that!

2) Machine - There are often opportunities in Machine to earn BLAZE at a rate much higher than the standard 500 TRX = 1 BLAZE. The BLAZE mining rate in Machine is inversely proportional to the Exchange Rate. That means when the Exchange rate is low, you earn more BLAZE for each roll. A great miner's strategy is to wait until a big win in Machine to start rolling. You will often see the Exchange rate in the .8s, meaning you would earn up to 20% bonus BLAZE for every Machine roll.

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