Blaze Economy Wiki

The currency that powers our dividend model is the BLAZE Token. BLAZE is a TRC-20 token with a capped supply of 420,000. This was one of the biggest changes in Blaze Economy 2.0. By capping the supply, we have introduced a true deflationary token model. The amount of BLAZE in circulation actually drops every day. Here's why:

Instead of mining BLAZE token by playing games, players earn Burn Power. Burn Power allows you to burn your existing BLAZE for a VERY inflated price of 25 TRX per token. It takes 1 Burn Power to burn 1 BLAZE. This means that by playing smartly, even at just break-even, you will be able to profit and lower the BLAZE supply at the same time!

Burn Power- There are a few ways to earn Burn Power in Blaze Economy 2.0

1) The main way is by playing Machine. You earn a base rate of .3 Burn Power for every 1000 TRX rolled. This rate increases when the exchange rate is below 1 and decreases when it is above 1.

2) The next best way is by holding the throne in Kings. The throne holder earns 15% of ALL Burn Power generated in Blaze Economy! This is a great, low risk way to accumulate Burn Power quickly during busy times.

3) We will continue to add more ways to earn Burn Power in the future - Look forward to contests, new games, promotions, and the Blaze Bazaar providing Burn Power earning opportunities.