Blaze Economy Wiki

What is Blaze Economy 2.0?

Blaze Economy 2.0 is a platform of interconnected games and features built on the TRON blockchain. Blaze players can use gambling, trading, and PvP strategies to earn profit. Blaze is not a traditional casino platform. Blaze offers unique ways to profit beyond simply collecting long term dividends.

Blaze Economy 1.0 launched on April 10th 2019, and had consistently been a top 10 (often higher) volume TRON Dapp for 4 months. Since then, the Blaze Team has made some important changes to keep the platform sustainable and profitable for all players.

The standard dividend model has proven only limited short term profit time and time again in the Dapp space. thus, Blaze 2.0 brings a deflationary token model and lowest edge of ANY Dapp! The BLAZE token supply has been capped at 420,000 and decreases every day. Instead of earning BLAZE by playing games, players earn Burn Power (BP) which allows them to burn their existing BLAZE at a highly inflated rate of 25 TRX each.


What makes Blaze Economy different?

Blaze's biggest differentiator is the Exchange Rate. Think of the Exchange Rate as how much TRON you'll earn by winning points in our main game, Machine. The Exchange Rate is something that rises and falls throughout the day based on all players' luck. When players are losing, the exchange rate climbs high. When players are winning, the exchange rate falls low. Here's a real-life example of how the Exchange Rate works:

Let's start with a traditional casino. You take $100 and play some table games. After an hour, you walk away with 90 chips. Each chip has a pre-defined value of $1. You had some poor luck and lost $10.

Now, imagine if the value of your casino chips could fluctuate based on the luck of all players in the casino. In the above example, you still have 90 chips, but instead of going to a Cashier, you go to a central exchange in the middle of the casino. You notice that the dollar to chip exchange rate is 1.15. This means that for each 1 chip you hold, you can actually redeem $1.15, because the overall player luck in the Casino was below average. Despite your poor luck, you trade your 90 chips for $103.50 and walk away with a profit! That is the Blaze Economy difference.