Blaze games do not award BLAZE tokens since the supply has been capped. Instead, each game (in addition to paying winnings in TRON) will give players Burn Power (BP). BP allows you to burn any BLAZE you already own at a pre-fixed rate of 25 TRX each. That means that as you play games in Blaze Economy, you will always be earning currency that guarantees you a burn rate far above the current market value.

1) So the first step is to see how much BLAZE you already own. If you are a former Blaze Economy 1.0 player, you probably still have some in your wallet. If not, you'll need to head to an exchange to pick some up. BLAZE is currently listed on TronTrade, TronWatch Market, and TRXMarket.

2) Once you have BLAZE, your goal should be to play Blaze Economy games, and at least break even. This means that you will guarantee profit in the difference between the 25 TRX BLAZE burn price and the price that you bought your BLAZE at. Keep in mind, our games are designed to be beatable long-term if you play actively. You will find dozens of profitable scenarios each day where you actually own a mathematical edge advantage.

3) Once you are familiar with how our games work, craft a profit strategy that suits your play style, and keep burning for profit! As more BLAZE are burned, we expect the market price to start to rise, so make sure to scoop up some cheap BLAZE and get going early.

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