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Blaze Machine 2.0 is the latest release of our flagship game. This is the only game in the Dapp space that offers a 1% edge. The game is simple, players roll to get a provably fair, lucky number between 0-99. Players can predict whether their lucky number will be high or low. Based on the size of their bet and number they roll, they are awarded Blaze Points. Players can also buy points up to the amount of their last roll. Whether points are acquired by rolling or buying, they carry a timer that can be extended by rolling or buying more. Once the timer hits 0, points are auto-sold at 95% of the current rate. That 5% goes towards bumping the exchange rate up for all players. This is a critical mechanism that keeps the rate moving and avoids hoarding points. It also provides a lot of strategy around when to play based on other players' point expiration times!

When 'High' is selected:

Points earned = Lucky Number * Bet Amount * 20

When 'Low' is selected:

Points earned = (99 - Lucky Number) * Bet Amount * 20

Let's take a look at the UI and walk through what each component is

Ui screenshot 2-0.jpg

A: The current Exchange Rate. You can see that it rises and falls with each bet. This is shared among all players.

B: This explains how the current Exchange Rate is calculated. Total balance in circulation / total points in circulation = exchange rate. The BLAZE token mining rate is inversely proportional to the Exchange Rate, so you actually mine more BLAZE token when the rate is low.

It also shows the current Burning Power rate. The base BP rate increases when the rate is below 1, and decreases when it above 1.

C: Here is where you bet for points. You can queue up many bets at once or go one at a time. You can pick High or Low for the lucky number prediction.

D: Here you see how many points you hold, when they expire, and your TRX profit at the current rate. The default timer length is 8 hours, but you can extend it through the Blaze Bazaar. This is also where you go to sell your points.

E: This is where you buy points. You can only buy points up to the amount of Buy Power you have. You earn Buy Power by playing King of Machine (Kings 2.0).

F: Here is where you challenge the current King. There is one 250 TRX throne to start, but more will be added in the future.

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