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Blaze Kings 2.0 is a PvP style game where you challenge the current King(s) to claim the throne! To defeat a current King, you must roll a 50 or higher when predicting 'High' or less than 50 when predicting 'Low' (on a 0-99 scale). If your prediction is wrong, you lose your challenge bet and the current King stays. If your prediction is right, you become King and get 80% of your challenge bet back.

As King, you earn 80% of each failed challenger bet against you. You also earn Buy Power and 5 minutes on your point expiration clock for every Kings bet.The biggest Kings 2.0 benefit is that you earn 15% of ALL Burning Power generated in Blaze Economy as long as you hold the throne!

Blaze Kings is a very important game in Blaze Economy, because 20% of each bet goes directly towards pumping up the Exchange Rate for all players. When the Exchange Rate is low, you will find many users playing Blaze Kings to help work the rate back up, especially if they have Blaze Points that are expiring shortly. It is also strategic to play Kings when the overall platform volume is low, because you are more likely to hold your throne for longer with fewer challenges, thus earning more free passive BLAZE.

So to summarize Kings 2.0 benefits:

1) You earn 80% of all failed challenger bets against you

2) You earn 15% of ALL Burning Power generated by other players (and yourself) in the Economy

3) You gain 5 minutes on your points expiration clock for every Kings bet (win or lose)

4) NO DEV CUT! Instead, 20% of every Kings bet helps pump the Exchange Rate for all players

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