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Unlock unique rewards

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BLAZE Bucks is an on-chain (but not token) currency that can be spent in the Blaze Economy to buy all sorts of unique things such as cosmetic items, merchandise, cool tech, contest entries, and even lower edge in games! The Blaze Bazaar is our in-game marketplace that players can go to spend their Bucks.

A snapshot will be taken on 8/1/19 at 12pm EST to capture how many BLAZE tokens each player has frozen. BLAZE Bucks will be airdropped shortly thereafter. After the airdrop, BLAZE Bucks can be obtained by burning BLAZE, passive God King earnings, and winning contests. As we introduce cooler and more profitable unlocks in the Blaze Bazaar, we expect that the overall BLAZE supply will steadily drop. Players will be heavily incentivized to burn some BLAZE for odds advantages, and therefore TRON earning potential!