The Blaze Bazaar is the official in-game store where you will be able to spend your Blaze Bucks. Blaze Bucks can be earned in a variety of different ways. Right now, those ways are: 1) Burning BLAZE and 2) Contests. We will be adding other unique ways of earning Blaze Bucks in the future.

We also have plans to keep adding additional rewards in many different categories. A few examples are: 1) lower edge in games 2) contest entries 3) cosmetic (tags, avatars, UI skins, etc) 4) Blaze merchandise 5) Mining bonuses

Right now, the current active rewards are below. Familiarize yourself with the Bazaar interface.

Blaze bazaar

A: This is your current Blaze balance

B: This is your current Blaze Bucks balance

C: This is where you convert 1 BLAZE to 1 Buck

D: These are the current active rewards for purchase

Kings Edge: The first reward is lowering the edge in Kings by 1% up to 20 times! Buying 20 levels worth of lower edge brings the Kings edge all the way down to 5% while still awarding the same passive TRX and BLAZE rewards. You’ll find that you will get a higher % discount as you buy more days of lower edge at once.

Machine Max Timer: The default starting timer for machine is 8 hours, but you can use Bucks to extend your max up to 12 hours. This is a very important reward, because having a timer advantage over other players is a huge tool for long term profitability.

Ad-Hoc Machine Timer Addition: You can also spend 1 Buck to gain 1 minute of extra time on Machine without betting. This is useful for when you need to extend your clock but don't want to roll.

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